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Shared Hosting Solutions

Shared Web Hosting

The service hosts have developed is called shared web hosting. These web hosting firms host lots of customers on one and the same web hosting server, making certain that they do not intervene with each other by imposing restrictions on the server resources each shared account is allowed to use. This allows for both good performance and lower running costs as compared with a dedicated web hosting server, which is used by only one client, and enables hosting firms to offer attractive prices to their customers.


Reliable Web Hosting

In today's dynamic online age, it is essential to discover a suitable hosting corporation that will do everything possible to provide a fast, steady and reliable web hosting services. A web site will permit you to get to 1 000 000's of people no matter their location or what time of day or night it is, so you can attract new clients, share impressions with interesting people or plainly share your hobby with the world. For all that, you need a web hosting firm that will ensure the uptime of the web site, or you will lose the viewers you've got in case your web site suffers network downtime too often or for extended intervals of time.


Affordable Web Hosting

To meet the need for inexpensive, but good quality web space hosting services, lots of web hosting corporations deliver paid shared webspace hosting plans at very affordable rates. These accounts still include given restrictions because a set of accounts share one and the same web server, but they are much fewer in comparison to those of any free-of-cost web site hosting plan. Some web hosting vendors allow monthly deposits, which is a guarantee that you can securely try their hosting services without being tied to any agreements. One example is NTC Hosting, which also provides a free domain name with every shared web hosting account that is paid for on an annual basis. This minimizes the price of the web hosting service even further, so that everybody could afford a cheap, but professional shared web hosting plan.


Budget Hosting

Plenty of web hosting vendors, including NTC Hosting, have already begun providing unmetered monthly traffic and hard drive storage space allowances. Different hosting plans offer a different amount of allowed hosted domains, so depending on how many websites you want to host under one account, you can choose between several low-cost web hosting packages. NTC Hosting’s hosting plans are reasonably priced, matching the phrase "budget hosting" ideally, and you can pick between monthly and annual payment options depending on your funds.


Low-Cost Web Hosting

NTChosting is one of the web portals where you can have a peek at and evaluate different cloud web hosting plans and web hosting services. They offer quality web hosting services on ultramodern hosting servers at surprisingly low rates, so you can get everything you need for your Internet presence - a web hosting plan, domains, and, if you operate an online shop, you can also order an SSL certificate. All these solutions are easily administered through a single CP platform.


Shared Hosting

As the name hints, the shared web page hosting service is a sort of service where multiple customers share the reserves of one and the same hosting server. This means that all server ingredients such as CPU, hard disk drives, RAM, NICs etc. are split among the customers whose accounts are on that same hosting server. This is mostly made tenable by creating different accounts for the different users and setting certain restrictions and usage quotas for each of them. Those limitations are assigned so as to prevent the clients from meddling with each other's accounts and, of course, to prevent the server from overburdening. Usually, shared hosting clients do not have root-level access to the hosting server's configuration files, which principally indicates that they cannot access anything else on the web hosting server apart from their own web site hosting account. The web hosting resources that each account may utilize are determined by the web hosting vendor that owns the server and by the particular website hosting package. That paves the way for the second essential question: