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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting solution, although a more expensive solution than the VPS hosting solution or the shared hosting solution, is the only option that ensures that your big website will work smoothly and expand without any resource issues. Having a dedicated server means that you have all the resources for yourself - there won't be any other hosting account owners on the server except you.


Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are generally much more high-priced than shared hosting servers or virtual private hosting servers. Why would anyone, then, use them? The explanation is pretty simple. If your company has a content-heavy web page, or just has very special web server architecture requirements, the most logical option would be a dedicated server. For somebody who is prepared to invest in safety and stability, the bigger price is of no importance. You are granted root privileges and can utilize 100 percent of the dedicated hosting web server's resources without anyone else using these resources and meddling with your websites.


Dedicated Server Hosting

With the dedicated service, you rent an entire machine whose system resources will be utilized only by your sites. Just as any personal computer, each dedicated web server has one or more processors running at a particular speed, some amount of RAM, one or more disk drives, and so on. A dedicated web hosting server is in fact a computer with a hardware configuration intended to tackle intense load and specific software installed on it, like web server software, PHP and MySQL software platforms, etc., which permits the sites accommodated on it to be accessible on the web.


Dedicated Server

Together with the possibility to host your very own domain, a dedicated web hosting server offers you the opportunity to run your very own website hosting company and to sell web hosting plans to other individuals. Many CP GUIs offer a hosing reseller admin software counterpart, so if you get a billing transaction & technical support system such as WHMCS, AWBS or ClientExec, you can run your online business, creating a variety of website hosting plans for your prospective customers. You can also offer support to your clients directly, and, since you have complete root access, you can install software programs on demand, so your clients will be delighted with the service they get.


Dedicated Web Hosting

Buying a dedicated servers hosting indicates that you obtain an entire hosting server for your needs. Unlike the web hosting service or the Virtual Servers environment where you share a web hosting server with a specific number of other users, with a dedicated web server you can utilize all the system resources for your online portals' needs.


Dedicated Hosting Server

A dedicated server is the top webspace hosting platform if you seek a powerful and steady shared web hosting service without worrying about exceeding any usage quotas. Whether you will host your own personal websites, or you are a website designer with numerous customers and require disk space for your work, or you desire to receive some extra money by selling the web server storage space to others, a dedicated server will offer you the liberty that no other web site hosting plan can.