Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet is designed for detecting people’s exact position in real time. We employ the information-to-tags distribution scheme which means each RFID tag under the carpet corresponds to a unique (X,Y) coordinate. With RFID readers in the shoes, users can be located in the room. Besides, embedded accelerometer and gyroscope could provide information about users’ motion patterns and directions. The connection is based on a reliable RF transmission protocol.

On the software layer, we implement location service software based on OSGi framework, so other LBS applications can easily share users’ motion information. Applications could be integrated into a smart phone or a tactile output device offering navigation and emergency evacuation via voice or vibrant feedback.


S. Ma, Y. Shi : A Scalable Passive RFID-Based Multi-user Indoor Location System. The 7th International Conference on Wireless Communication, Networking and Mobile Computing, Wuhan, China, 2011.

Author: admin on March 8, 2014

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