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This is a collection of electronic engineering software tools I have written to do my job. I have written them in REAL Studio so it is easy for me to build Apple Macintosh (OS X), Windows, and Linux versions of most of them. They are not polished works of art, but they get the job done, and are here for you to use as long as you do not sell them. If you are a consultant, you are free to use them in your work as long as my software is not part of your deliverable. If you do not find what you are looking for here, check out this list of tools from others.

NOTE: Use this software at your own risk. I assume no liability what-so-ever.

Schematic Drawing Aids

FPGA to Osmond
Generates both text for DesignWorks’ Auto Part Gen tool and a footprint for Osmond PCB layouts. Has not been tested with recent versions of Xilinx software.

LCR Library Generator
Helps generate libraries of components with systematic part numbers. Useful for resistors, capacitors, inductors, and diodes. It generates a spread sheet with up to three manufacturers part numbers (two second sources), values, and device markings per rules you set. There is also a script for import into DesignWorks.

DesignWorks Libraries
A collection of libraries I have built for DesignWorks schematic capture software.

DesignWorks Schematics
A collection of schematics I have built in DesignWorks schematic capture software.

More information on DesignWorks here.

Circuit Design Tools

MC34063 Boost Converter Calculator
Simple calculator with worst case output voltage margin calculation.

Schmitt Trigger Calculator
A resistor calculator for inverting and non-inverting Schmitt Triggers built with Comparators (Push-pull output).

1 Wire Keypad Generator
Resistor selection for a resistor divider keypad using a single A/D input. User enters resistor characteristics and temperature range to assure robust design. Generates C code for reading keyboard.

Simulation of a TVS with an automotive load dump pulse. The pulse parameters can be adjusted.

Simulation of an MOV with an automotive load dump pulse. The pulse parameters can be adjusted and the simulation reports plus and minus margin results.

Thermal Calculator is a tool for finding temperature rise, or require ambient temperature for a required Tj.

PCB Design Tools

SliderWriter, Capacitive Slider/Button Maker for Osmond

FPGA to Osmond
Generates both text for DesignWorks’ Auto Part Gen
tool and a footprint for Osmond

Device Placer
Reads an Osmond netlist and adds locations for up to four rings of devices.  For Osmond.

PCB coil Maker
A Lua script that runs under Osmond for making PCB coils or planar transformers.   For Osmond.

Test Tools

Serial Analyzer
Monitors serial communications and hardware protocol lines.

BLAST – Basic LIN Application Support Tool
With the aid of an USB to Serial Port Adapter and a RS-232 to LIN adapter, allows monitoring and sending of LIN messages.

PPSC – Programmable Power Supply Controller
Takes a CSV file with voltage and time columns and sends them to a programmable power supply. Many programable power supply models can be supported. Three examples included.

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