Windows engineering applications that work under CrossOver

CrossOver is a Mac OS X Aqua GUI version of Wine. Codeweavers has tested Crossover with many popular Windows applications. Small audience engineering software is sometimes monitored on their site, but rarely tested. I have tested several engineering applications.

LTspice IV

By Linear Technology. Arguably one of the nicest free Spice programs. So far it runs flawlessly on OS X under Crossover. NEWS: LTSpice now runs on Mac OS X natively.

Filter Free

By Nuhertz, this package will design and plot characteristics for several different filter types. Usable from Hz to GHz.

AppCAD RF & Microwave tools from HP & Agilent

This package includes calculators for Transmission Lines, Transistor Bias Circuits, Cascade Noise Analysis, Transistor Design Data, and more. It runs flawlessly on CrossOver.

Saturn PCB Design Toolkit
This impedance/ thermal PCB calculator is a Windows application that runs well under Crossover. I have had no trouble with version 5.32. Macintosh OS X, and Windows.

muRata’s Thermistor Simulator
For simulating several different resistor networks to linearize a NTC thermistor.

Lattice Semiconductor’s ispLEVER Starter
Lattice Semiconductors’s FPGA design software. You should install the Synplify Synthesis Module in the same bottle as the ispLEAVER software. As you can see in the screen shot below, there is a small glitch where the background of the Sources in Project and the Processes for current source have black backgrounds instead of white, but all the test is readable since it still has a white field around it. I also have not successfully tested the USB programmer yet.

Author: admin on April 23, 2014

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