Disk, Volume, and Hex Editors

Disk & Volume, and Hex Editors on OS X

Basically a hex editor for disk sectors, but can also be used to edit files, including disk images. This program comes with hardly any documentation, and it doesn’t explain what it does, either. If you have not used other tools to edit disk blocks or files on a binary level before, you may find it difficult to use. Macintosh OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Can edit HDD/SDD disk devices or partitions in raw up to exabyte sizes, but tested only to 1 PetaByte files :-). Macintosh OS X (Intel only), and Linux.
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Synalyze It!
Synalyze It! allows you to create a grammar for binary files interactively. Unlike in regular hex editors or viewers the files are interpreted automatically for you. Macintosh OS X only.

FEdit is a program writen in php using mySQL (minimally). FEdit stands for File Edit, which is exactly what it does, it edits files on a server though a nice web interface. Macintosh OS X, Linux, and Windows.

HDIUTIL  -  UNIX Utility
hdiutil uses the DiskImages framework to manipulate disk images, no actual editing. Common verbs include attach, detach, verify, create, convert, compact, and burn. Macintosh OS X and UNIX.

fileXray is a Mac OS X command-line application for analyzing, dissecting, monitoring, scavenging, and performing forensic investigation on HFS+ file system volumes. Macintosh OS X, Linux, and Windows.

010 Editor
Text Editor, Hex Editor, Disk Editor, Process Editor. Macintosh OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Free. Unlimited file size (limited by what the actual file system supports). Instant opening of files of any size. Resource fork editing. Macintosh OSX only.

Hex Fiend
Free. Insert, delete, rearrange. You are not limited to in-place changes. No file size limit. Includes binary diff function.. Macintosh OSX only.

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