This is a collection of Macintosh OS X software that I have found useful for electronic engineering. I try to keep these links up-to-date, but if you find a broken link, please contact me so I can make updates. Thank you.

Schematic Capture
13 Applications including Design Works, Eagle, XCircuit…

Circuit Simulation & Design Tools
36 Applications including MacSpice, Volta, Cver, Quite Universal Circuit Simulator plus several web based simulator links.

PCB Layout & Gerber Viewers
13 Applications including Osmond, Eagle, Gerbv, McCad…

Embedded Development
20 processor families with over 100 Applications/Links including Rowley, Code Red, lpcXpresso, SDCC…

Instrument Loggers/Control/Analyzers/Test Equipment
57 Applications including Digital oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, audio support…

Terminal Emulators & Serial Port support on OS X
16 Applications.

20 Applications including CocoaNEC, MININEC, Vorpal, Smith Chart…

58 Applications including Octave, Sage, Mathmatica, pro Fit…

Mechanical CAD
46 Links.

Aerospace Engineering
22 Applications.

Disk, Volume, and Hex Editors on OS X
For generation of SD cards for embedded systems to boot from. 8 Applications.

Developing Desktop Applications
86 Links.

Text Editors
34 Applications including TextWrangler with support for Mac, UNIX, and Windows line endings and will open invisible files.

iPhone/iPad tools
Over 50 Apps.

Optics, Light, and Color
10 Links.

Windows applications that run well under CrossOver
5 Applications including Linear Technologies LTspice IV.

Applications for electrical engineering on OS X
30 Applications.

Some links for working with Solderless Bread Boards

Information on USB to Serial Interfaces

Working with the UNIX command line in OS X


Other Mac OS X Engineering sites.

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