How to write a bootloader for AVR from scratch (step 0)

There are already several articles and code examples about bootloader for AVR. And we also have some amazing bootloaders out there that can be used. But I haven’t found any article which explains how to build a bootloader step by step. And this would be the aim of this article. It would be as simple, readable and understandable as possible to teach you how to build a custom bootloader for AVR chip from scratch using codes. Please do familiarize yourself with C, a little bit inline assembler and AVR programming of course before continue reading.

This tutorial would be divided to four parts(0, 1, 2, 3). All the code examples have been compiled with Atmel Studio 6.1 on Windows 7 and tested on Atmega1284p. But they should be very easily transferred to other AVR chips.

Some tools we will use in this tutorial:
1. Atmel Studio
2. WinAVR
3. Putty as a serial console

The hardware we will use:
1. Atmega1284p

Author: admin on March 27, 2014
Category: AVR

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